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Cocoabeans Gluten-Free

Pie and Tart Shells

Pie and Tart Shells

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Love to bake, but don't like to roll out pastry?

We get it - sometimes you just need a break from the chaos of baking all things gluten-free.

Our pie crusts are available in 5", 10" foil and mini tart size. Pie crusts come raw and are lightly sweetened.

Ingredients: Flour mix (garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, whole grain sorghum flour, fava bean flour), brown rice flour, water, butter substitute (canola oil, water, modified palm and palm kernel oils, vegetable monoglycerides, sunflower lecithin, natural flavour, citric acid, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D2), coconut oil, tapioca starch, white sugar, xanthan gum, cinnamon, salt

FREE FROM: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts



3" raw filled: Bake at 350 deg for 10-15 minutes
5" raw filled: Bake at 350 deg for 15 -20 minutes

Without filling: (e.g. custard or pudding filling) poke holes in your pastry with a fork before baking. Bake for 5 - 10 minutes - keep an eye on them! Fill with your cooked or prepared filling and serve.



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