Our Story

Since 2010, the mission has been clear; provide completely gluten-free baked goods and food without compromising the taste.

If you have celiac disease, you know how risky it can be to go out to eat in fear of getting sick. You would also know that there are limited options of enjoyable desserts at the supermarket. At Cocoabeans, we provide customers with a selection of decadent treats and delicious food without the worries of cross-contamination.

Betsy Hiebert; the owner of Cocoabeans, is one of seven in her family who have celiac disease. This sparked the idea of creating a bakery offering a variety of gluten-free cookies, cakes, squares, bread and more without sacrificing the texture or taste. From there, it has grown to offer all kinds of foods such as chicken tenders and pot pies.

Recognizing that there are many other dietary restrictions, most of our items are dairy-free and we have many vegan options for those conscientious consumers. We have perfected our recipes so that animal products are not always needed to make rich and moist baked goods!

We are proud to have created a space for the gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan communities where they can find fresh, healthy and tasty options made with high quality ingredients.

Come on in! Whether to pick up a treat, nutritious meal, hearty bread, specialty gluten-free flour or one of our mixes, you will be amazed at our selection of gluten-free options!

Betsy Hiebert, Owner of Cocoabeans


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Local Fare Magazine - Cocoabeans - January 2022
A Gluten-free Journey - How Cocoabeans rose to the challenge to create their signature baked goods.


Awesome Accelerator - Cohort 2 graduate - 2021
Saskatchewan Food Development Centre & Farm Credit Canada


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