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Cocoabeans Gluten-Free

Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

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     Odds & ends could be found at our front till, but with no retail space we still want to reduce waste! Check here for the odds and ends available for purchase. 

Product left overs from cutting and recipe testing will end up here so check back frequently for new deals!


Availbale now:

 Peanut Butter Oat Bars

Our peanut butter oat bar is a classic fave. The base is gluten-free oatmeal with peanut butter and the topping is a blend of our dark chocolate chips and smooth peanut butter. 

Contains soy & nuts.

 Two options available:

1. End Pieces- we make our bars in full sheetpans and cut them down to the perfect size. The same great product - just smaller. 

2. Peanut Butter Oat Bar-  Our mistake is your gain! These oat bars are missing some peanut butter in their topping.  These oat bars have a thinner chocolate topping than normal, but are equally delicious.  


Marshmallow Puffs

A fluffy marshmallow topping on top of our gluten free, dairy free sugar cookie with a sweet raspberry centre. All covered in dairy free chocolate!

Contains soy.




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