These lasagnes are the easiest and tastiest way to fulfil your Italian cravings. No more dealing with sticky gluten-free lasagne noodles. Just cover with foil and bake from frozen or thawed. Everything is pre-cooked so you just need to heat it through. One lasagne offers up four portions - or two if you're very hungry!


Beef Lasagne


Our most popular option. This lasagne is loaded with a house-made bolognese sauce layered with brown rice lasagne noodles and Bothwell mozzarella. Contains dairy.

Want the beef, but need it dairy-free? Give us a call and we can make it for you! This may take anywhere from a day up to a week, depending on how busy we are.

Vegetarian Lasagne

Gluten-free and Vegetarian

This vegetarian option is comprised of layers of brown rice lasagne noodles, Bothwell mozzarella, and our chunky lasagne sauce. Our sauce is a tomato sauce cooked with mushrooms, carrots, broccoli and red split lentils. It'll give you a boost of veggies and protein at the same time. Contains dairy.

Vegan Lasagne

Gluten-free and Vegan

Our vegan lasagne uses the same hearty lasagna sauce that we use in our vegetarian option, layered with brown rice lasagne noodles and Daiya mozzarella cheeze.