Cocoabeans Gluten-free

Enter our Contest to Win!

Contest alert!
Now that our mixes are making their way into various locations throughout Winnipeg, we wanted to create a contest to give back to one lucky supporter!
The winner of this contest will receive a $50 Cocoabeans gift-card.
Here’s how to enter:
1. Anytime you visit a store that carries our gluten-free mixes, look for them on the store shelves and snap a picture.
2. Post that picture on Instagram, an Instagram story, Facebook or a Facebook story and tag us!
3. Each picture you tag us in is an entry to win a $50 Cocoabeans gift-card!
The search is on! If you don’t see our mixes on the shelf, ask the manager if they have them. Be sure to send this to your friends so they can look for the mixes too.
Giveaway closes August 31 @11PM. One winner will be picked at random. If you have a private Facebook/Instagram account, you can send us a screenshot of your post in a direct message.